Red Cups and Merry Christmas


As I think back on all the hullabaloo that went on over Christmas about red cups and saying the two words “Merry Christmas”…I find myself feeling grateful to have been raised by a mom who had the presence of mind to be objective. My mom believed Jesus was the reason for the season…however…she also had the wisdom and foresight to know what the magic the man in a red suit can bring to a child living in a world with diverse beliefs and traditions. She inspired me to have an open mind.

Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying…”If it doesn’t break my leg nor pick my pocket, then what difference is it to me?” So what if a business chooses to change things up. After all, it is THEIR business! Closed-minded dumbasses will always stay stuck in their own agenda.  I remember being told that some people didn’t want to check out my ice cream shop simply because they didn’t want to try anything new!…even when offered a gift certificate!  Are you serious!

Watching someone who labels themself a “Christian” decide to be so “NOT Jesus”…and then to have others fall right in line…is shocking, hateful and hypocritical.  Shame on all those who told hard-working people their name was  “Merry Christmas” in order to coerce them into conforming to their agenda. They had absolutely nothing to do with the change…they were simply doing their job. I’m envisioning Jesus shaking his head and saying omg! wtf! Open-minded people with love in their heart will always find a way to shine light on darkness and override stupidity…and that is exactly what happened! I love how so many on the right side of life found ways to make this BS a positive! The posts I read on Facebook about “cups” were hysterical! My favorite was a post by Bridget Sunshine Buttercups Lolli on Facebook that read…”I’m offended Starbucks served me a red solo cup with no alcohol in it.”…lmfao!

As for saying “Merry Christmas!”…it’s just a greeting in the spirit of kindness…not an attack! Trust me…hearing those words will not turn you into a Christian, a Santa, or anything else you fear…except perhaps…a better person by embracing it in the spirit it was given! Having an open mind allows one to see this and to be present in the positive. Sharing and embracing everyone’s individuality allows us to evolve into a higher state of being…and better yet…makes being here a whole lot more fun! The next time you are offended by someone saying “Merry Christmas!”…how about a simple “thank you!”? Looking at things from perspectives other than your own allows your life experience to expand…and your heart too!

I remember Judge Judy saying, “you have two ears and one mouth for a reason!”…and it is so true!…(she is my therapy…she yells at stupid people!)

two ears

I remember one day back in college when my Philosophy Professor asked me to stay after class for a chat. He was frustrated with how I contemplated both sides of an issue and didn’t seem to take a side. He actually told me, “You need to take a side!” Perhaps I WAS taking a side…the open-minded side!

2016 is unfolding as I write this post…many have made resolutions…many have already felt defeated. I have read statistics that by the middle of January, most resolutions have vanished into thin air…some without even an inkling of a beginning. Perhaps having the resolve to create an open mind can change defeat into victory…

As my dear friend, Mike, once said, “I can only take care of my little corner of the world”…he is absolutely right!

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  1. Open mindedness is the only way to go. It’s way more fun too. When listening to someone don’t think of how you can respond, but instead how you can understand.

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