Easter Means…


Easter means different things to different people. Some think of Jesus…some think of eggs…some think of a nice meal…some think of dressing up…some think of bunnies and chicks…some think of chocolate…some think of hope…some think of fun…some think of Spring…I think of a new beginning.

I was raised without Easter baskets and a big furry white rabbit. I more than made up for that with my kids! lol…Easter was a special day for my Christian Mom and has now become a special day for me as well…in an entirely different way. Just as she held Easter sacred…I now hold Easter sacred too. My Mom passed away on Easter…and thus began a new beginning for us both. My Mom was leaving behind her illness and finding her way to a peaceful eternity…and I would no longer have all those wonderful-laughing-sharing moments with her. All those moments I looked forward to vanished that day. Every moment from now on would be different.

It’s amazing how alone it can feel to lose that one person you thought would always be there…the one that made sure you were ok. Now that I am a Mom, I truly understand how she must have felt. A Mom’s heart has to be quite resilient. There is elation beyond compare…and heartache you can never know unless you are a Mom.

As Easter approaches…yes…I feel sad that I miss my Mom so much…that she wasn’t there when I became a Mom. However, I am also glad that I had her in my life long enough to know the love of having her as my Mom. And now that I am on the other side, I know how she must have felt…and I feel thankful. Her love is ever present in my life, and I know she is proud of me…and even more proud of the two amazingly beautiful spirits her two grandkids are. They would have known her immediately just by the volume of her voice and her infectious laugh!

Allow Easter to be that “new beginning” you desire! Embrace those you love and love you back! We may think we know where we are heading…however…the road might just make an unexpected turn! And that is when you find an exclamation mark!

A life loved is a life lived!


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  1. Wow… Such a beautiful tribute to your mom. I am glad you wrote this because I never realized how special Easter is for you… And this really brings to light how much your mom truly means to you! After reading this, there are many emotions flowing through me as I think about our special momma/daughter relationship. Although I never had the honor of meeting my grandmother, I know she must have been one incredible woman to have raised a woman like you. And now you have the joy of doing the same with me! Life is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing these special words!

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