Boobs & Bigotry

“Soft porn”…that means her boobs appeared…and whenever a woman’s boobs are exposed so is the bigoted-attitude side of society. When a woman chooses to partake willingly in the sexual realm of life…or simply embrace her femininity…or heaven forbid feed her baby…she becomes a target. Boobs are a great scapegoat for bullshit agendas. The hypocrisy spewing from those involved in this is overwhelming.

There are nude paintings and statues…some sexually explicit…that are quite ok to display and gawk at in the name of history and art…yet have a live boob show itself and all hell breaks out!


…or having the above painting show up on Facebook! What was your thought when you saw it? Think about it…what is the very first thing everyone in the room looks at the moment you are born!? What we choose to think about body parts and sexual activity is just that…what WE think… and that choice becomes our expression. A ton of money, time and energy has and is being spent on seeing something naked. And a ton of money, time and energy has and is being spent on NOT seeing something naked.

I bet your mind is still thinking about the above picture…right? I find it ironic this article is appearing in the news on the same day as the Cruz video controversy. Here’s the link if you want to do your own homework:

The bottom line for me about all of this is integrity and intention. Isn’t the real story here being ignored and the porno issue is just a way for Cruz to look pious in the eyes of Christian conservative voters?…a way to ensure those voting for him aren’t offended? …all at the expense of this actress doing what she was hired to do? What does her past acting have to do with acting in this video other than acting? Doesn’t morality and what is right have to do with how we behave toward others? Actions against others of hate, harm, and hinderance are immoral. Therefore, isn’t the video itself immoral?




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